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Range Hoods

A great-looking range hood is one that complements your kitchen’s style. At Grayleaf, we’ve worked on numerous designs, and each becomes a beautifully handcrafted focal point to any kitchen. While the main function of a range hood is to remove moisture and heat during cooking, hoods also serve as a key styling element in kitchen design. Whether its sleek stainless, zinc, pewter or beautiful brass or copper – a stylish range hood can make one of the biggest impacts in a kitchen design. Grayleaf will help you chose your finish option, which can include brushed, hammered, antiqued, blackened, hand polished or patina finishes. You can then add items of interest which could include decorative straps or clavos.

zinc countertop with beaded edge detail

Counters, Sinks & Bar Tops

Create a centerpiece in your home with a beautifully handcrafted metal countertop, sink or bar top. Whether you’re looking at zinc, pewter or a custom mixed material, Grayleaf will work to provide a unique work of art for any setting. For warmth, metals options can be copper or brass. Grayleaf works directly with residential clients, designer and architects to provide top quality custom pieces to accent any project.

Fireplace & Mantle

The sky is the limit when it comes to the design and finish of our fireplace surrounds and mantels. Get inspired with a well-styled fireplace mantle. Use zinc, pewter, copper or bronze to create a metal fireplace surround with any finish you desire. Choose a smooth or textured finish to complement the surroundings. Add decorative elements if desired. Grayleaf offers our experienced team to assist you with selecting, measuring and ordering your fireplace mantel or surround.

Shelf Systems

For a custom handcrafted shelving system that adds an attractive and versatile storage option to a residence or business, consider multiple shelving choices with metal finishes that allow each unit to be as unique as the objects it displays. Visible, decorative shelf supports offer a keen design element to any room.

zinc countertop edge details

Edge Details

Fine craftsmanship begins with the small details. It’s what make a project truly unique. Each choice a client makes helps create the finished product. Selecting an edge profile for your countertop or range hood is one of these choices. From a simple an eased edge, to something beautifully ornate, Grayleaf offers a number of options that can personalize your look.