Bringing Out the Magic in the Metal Since 2004

GrayLeaf Studio has combined unparalleled craftsmanship and seamless service to bring fine metal finishes to discerning architects, builders, interior designers and homeowners, customized to their vision and project needs. Our fine metal products effortlessly fuse art and function, resulting in breathtaking, one-of-a-kind centerpieces for luxurious homes or businesses.

In a market overflowing with cookie cutter metal products, we strive to offer something that feels truly extraordinary. Each of our creations are completely
unique — they cannot be found in retail homeware stores — and as experts of our craft, we can confidently execute even the most ambitious design ideas. Our streamlined design process, exceptional ability, high-quality results and customer care that’s second to none make us a go-to partner for design professionals across the Southwest and beyond.

We deeply understand the nuances and applications of natural and fine metals (zinc, copper, pewter, stainless steel, bronze and brass), typically used in high-end interior projects. Showcasing these materials’ versatility, we prove fine metal finishes can suit any aesthetic.

With cutting-edge technology and capabilities, we’ve worked with designers across all 50 states and Canada. In addition to our headquarters in Black Canyon City, Arizona, we opened a satellite facility in Hawaii in 2021 to continue satisfying an ever-growing list of clients.

Our Founder

Some would say fine metal finishes are a part of GrayLeaf Founder Jeff Koenig’s DNA.

The descendent of blacksmiths, Jeff remembers first becoming fascinated with metalworking as he watched his father wield an enormous pre-World War II power hammer on red-hot steel in his grandfather’s smithing shop. Jeff became obsessed with mastering the technique and custom tooling for which GrayLeaf is known, even traveling to Europe and Canada to learn the applications and manufacturing of zinc. He was a 2017 recipient of the esteemed Masters of the Southwest award from Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine.

As the founder of GrayLeaf Studio, Jeff provides invaluable mentorship, skill and a contagious enthusiasm for crafting spectacular fine metal finishes.