Instantly Upgrade Any Room with
Fine Metal Mantels & Cladding

Instantly Upgrade
Any Room with
Fine Metal Mantels
& Cladding

A fireplace naturally attracts an audience. Glowing embers, dancing flames and a soundtrack of crackles and pops sets the scene for both swanky cocktail hours and long evenings with a good book.

When you combine fireplaces with fine metals — such as zinc, steel or copper — creative sparks really start to fly. We create mantels, surrounds and cladding to enkindle any design project, entirely customized to your style, space and vision.

Although they may no longer serve the practical purpose of heating a home, fireplaces are a focal point and an opportunity for personal expression. Our fine metal mantels and surrounds, combining world-class design with everyday functionality, are a joy to gather around.


Fine Metal Fireplace Surrounds Offer Timeless Elegance

Fine metals are highly versatile, suiting diverse aesthetics from modern minimalist to highly decorative. Here are a few possibilities to bring some sophistication to your design project.

  • Mantels – At one time, mantels were used to deter ash and smoke from entering the home. Although no longer for this purpose, mantels remain as a decorative shelf above the fireplace. We can also integrate lighting, media or sound systems into any custom mantel.
  • Fireplace Surrounds – Often including the mantel, fireplace surrounds include the design elements on all sides of the fireplace. Functionally, they provide a barrier between the flames and the home.
  • Hearths – Building code requires a non-combustible material for hearths, the space directly in front the fireplace. Fine metals are a practical and attractive option and may echo other design aspects, such as the mantel or surrounds.
  • Cladding – Fine metal cladding can make your fireplace even more impressive, expanding its boundaries outward or from floor to ceiling. A low-maintenance but high-reward option, cladding can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms…anywhere you want to wow guests.

Take your fireplace up another notch with enhancements, such as edge details and patterned inlays or patinas that age like a fine wine. We’re also comfortable working with your cabinet producer.

We’ve built a streamlined, time-saving and solution-oriented process, so you can get the look you want easi