Textures, Patinas and Edge
Details to Unleash Creativity

Textures, Patinas
and Edge Details to
Unleash Creativity

Our fine metal finishes are stunning to begin with. Take them to the next level with enhancements that make them truly yours. Achieve virtually any aesthetic with enticing textures, vibrant patinas or custom edge details that complete a room.

The beauty is in the details — and our craftspeople are meticulous in creating your range hood, countertop, bar top, shelving system, fireplace surrounds or metal artwork. When it comes to personalization opportunities, the sky is the limit.


Edge Details

We’ve made a name for ourselves in the industry for specialty edge detail selection for any piece and material for one-of-a-kind creations. Whether you’re seeking something ornate, sleek and simple or want to match your crown molding, we can make it happen thanks to our proprietary machinery and processes.

Browse our catalogue to get the ideas flowing.


Part of what we love about fine metals is how they develop unique characteristics over time. Patina is a natural, chemical process when metals are exposed to air and water, deepen