Custom Metal Bar Tops Impress Guests Through the Years

Make your restaurant the top place in town to have a drink with a stylish yet practical metal bar top, suiting both guests and employees.  

Our artisans craft stunning bar tops from natural, fine metals (such as zinc, pewter or brass) typically used in high-end design projects. Fine metal bar tops are durable — able to withstand even the most energetic crowd — and develop personality over time. With some patinas, a gentle ‘pattern of use’ on the surface eventually emerges, a visual record of the most memorable evenings.

When we say “custom,” we mean it: every aspect of your bar top can be tailored to your business needs. Come to us with virtually any idea and we can make it happen.


Why Choose a Metal Bar Top?

Our bar tops aren’t only a wonderful place to entertain guests, they’re also a piece of functional art that can be enjoyed for years to come. When upgrading your space, consider these features and benefits.

Optional Features

  • Sinks – We can add a sink into your custom bar top, whether it’s an undermount sink or integrated into the bar top with a seamless surface.
  • Drink Lip & Drain Holes – Practical additions such as drink lips and drain holes support your team in a fast-paced environment.
  • Footrails – Provide the ultimate level of comfort for guests with a fine metal footrail that echoes the bar’s overall aesthetic.
  • Enhancements – Personalize your bar top with attractive enhancements, such as patinas, hammered finishes, distressing or our renowned edge details. Possibility awaits!

Functional Benefits

  • Nonporous – Metal is impermeable to air, water or other fluids. It’s a crucial feature for bars prone to spills and splashes to prevent the proliferation of mold or bacteria.
  • Antibacterial – Materials like zinc and copper are naturally antibacterial, adding another layer of protection for customers and employees alike.
  • Stain Resistant – In a lively bar environment, messes are inevitable. Fortunately, fine metals are stain resistant, allowing for swift and simple clean up.
  • Easy Upkeep – Fine metal bar tops are durable and kept looking beautiful with a simple regimen of soap and warm water.

Getting the bar top you envision isn’t as complicated as you might think. Understanding the demands of your industry, we’ve created a design process that’s supportive and streamlined. It’s why designers, architects, builders and homeowners return to our studio time and time again.